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Home Technology “Social networks have become weapons of war”

“Social networks have become weapons of war”

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MAINTENANCE. In Ukraine, at the Capitol or in the trading floors, networks are at the heart of conflicts, warns Asma Mhalla, digital specialist.

South African billionaire Elon Musk and former US president Donald Trump.
South African billionaire Elon Musk and former US President Donald Trump.

Interview collected by William Grallet

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De Gaulle – Think, resist, govern

His name became synonymous with a free and powerful France. De Gaulle, the man of the call of June 18, has established himself in history first as a rebel, a resistance fighter and then as a charismatic political leader, in France and abroad. Adored, hated during the time of his presidency, after his death he became a myth, an ideal of a politician that both on the right and on the left we find ourselves regretting.



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