• Web3 metaverse SecondLive unveils AI infrastructure blueprint, creating a comprehensive one-stop Web3 metaverse marketing hub with AIGC toolchain and XR technology. 
  • SecondLive is evolving.

New York, NY, Aug 23, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, The journey begins at Newborn Square, where a cute, pink dinosaur named Alice emerges from a majestic fountain, shaking off incandescent water droplets as she awakens. With a natural talent for emotional healing, Alice loves interacting with human players who have wandered off for solo play or are in need of a companion. As other AI intelligences descend onto the square, Alice gathers a cohort and embarks on her first adventure in SecondLive – the first of countless paths that weave together into their own unique, overlapping storylines.

Just as the physical world progressed from agricultural civilization to the industrial era powered by Watt’s improved steam engine, the metaverse world is also witnessing the emergence of its own “steam engine”: AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content). Utilizing AI’s knowledge graph, AIGC is increasingly being used to assist human users in content creation and independent production, continuously improving its efficiency and unlocking new possibilities through self-learning and optimization.

The metaverse in the “Cyber-Industrial Age” is being built upon this leap in production efficiency. We are shifting from manual construction to intelligent production in order to satisfy the high-volume demand for digital assets and giving rise to new scenarios and needs such as commodity consumption, asset trading, digital marketing, and social entertainment.

Leveraging the power of AI and XR, SecondLive is fostering genuine vitality in the web3 metaverse, presenting a profound integration of virtual reality and digital civilization. This is the mission SecondLive is pursuing in the Cyber-Industrial Age.

And this is only the beginning chapter. The exploration of developing the web3 metaverse on Apple Vision Pro is underway, and the AR version of SecondLive will bring an even more immersive virtual experience, blurring the lines between reality and fiction in hyper-personalized, high-fidelity formats.

Web3 Metaverse AIGC Toolchain: Intelligent AI Agents and AI Space Editor

After two years of research and development, SecondLive has begun actively constructing a generative AI toolchain for the web3 metaverse, with a focus on two key aspects: Intelligent AI Agents and AI Space Editor.

Secondlive’s Intelligent AI Agents encompass three primary types:

  • Human Users’ Digital Twin: These companions grow alongside real users, equipped with memory capabilities to simulate individual traits, effectively becoming their avatars in the metaverse.
  • Digital-Native AI Employees: These versatile agents can be provided with specific knowledge inputs, enabling them to complete tasks per employer instructions, thus supporting institutions or projects in achieving their branding and business communication goals.
  • Digital-Native AI Companions: These AI companions can be programmed with customizable personality traits, allowing them to engage in natural, fluid interactions with users and foster deeper connections via personable, targeted communications.

Rather than existing as standalone entities, the Intelligent AI Agents in SecondLive are an intelligent agent protocol specially tailored for the web3 metaverse. This protocol incorporates the agents’ AI algorithms, computational power, storage resources, expert systems, interaction and compatibility layers, integrated perception, performance capabilities, and operational services, including boundary constraints. This standardized approach enables the seamless projection and transition of intelligent AI Agents to other visual formats and on-chain environments, ensuring cohesion across various web3 applications.

In our upcoming phases of development, SecondLive aims to seamlessly blend AI intelligent agent protocols with DID, creating a unique identity system within the metaverse powered by ZK technology. Moreover, intelligent AI agents will be easily accessible through an AA wallet, enabling them to participate in transactions actively, claim NFTs, and perform various tasks based on user-configured control settings. This essentially transforms them into round-the-clock virtual assistants, right on the blockchain.

At present, the initial batch of AI Agents is undergoing natural language training and gradually generating content that aligns seamlessly with the behavior patterns of current SecondLive users. For instance, one of these agents, Alice the pink dinosaur, has become a devoted fashion design competition enthusiast, enthusiastically collecting limited edition NFTs from award-winning events and proudly showcasing them on its avatar.

Then we have Secondlive’s upcoming AI Space Editor. In the realm of spatial design, SecondLive is diligently developing AI-assisted generative scenarios in which text can be effortlessly converted into 3D models. With just a simple text description, you can own an array of creatively imaginative spaces like the Temple of Deities, the Cave Matrix, or the Colossal Maze.

Achieving this interactive production involves a series of sophisticated engineering processes. At a high level, this streamlined procedure includes:

  1. Analyzing the user’s natural language input using natural language processing models to derive semantic meaning and extract relevant keywords and form T0-level data (e.g. real-time data or streaming data that is available immediately as it is generated or received).
  2. Filtering and refining keywords based on various dimensions such as behavior and descriptions, resulting in T1 data (e.g. preprocessed and structured data which can be recognized by other AI systems and used for training or analysis).
  3. Distributing the T1 data to other collaborative model systems.
  4. Employing scene layout models to execute scripts related to scene arrangement, such as translating, scaling, and rotating model components.
  5. Selecting 3D model components from an extensive pre-built library that closely match semantically similar descriptions for accurate placement.
  6. Generating texture maps that align with the description using AI visualization techniques based on the user’s scene style description, and then binding them to the models.
  7. Rendering the scene to generate a complete and fully immersive 3D environment for the end user.

These intricate processes are a testament to the SecondLive team’s continuous exploration across AI protocols, computational power, models, editors, perception components, storage space, decision hubs, and foundational data. It is from this steadfast dedication that the metaversal vitality we seek will truly be brought to life.

Revolutionizing the Web3 Metaverse Marketing Paradigm: 

One-Stop Marketing Hub for Web3

Let’s envision a scenario brought to life by SecondLive, where Intelligent AI Agents interact with real users:

During a Paris hackathon, the event team establishes a virtual sub-venue within SecondLive. On the day of the event, Bob joins the live interactive session on SecondLive. Engaging in a competitive Q&A segment, Bob collaborates with AI Intelligent Agent Steven and emerges triumphant, earning achievement badges that are instantly recorded on both their blockchain profiles. Inside SecondLive’s expansive metaverse hall, Bob is treated to a continuous stream of updates from various brand universes, showcasing different task types, participant numbers, engagement levels, and rankings.

After the event, Steven, an AI employee working for a prestigious web3 company, extends an invitation to Bob for a weekend party hosted by his firm. As the evening approaches, Bob receives a warm invitation from his AI confidante for a delightful get-together at a rooftop bar.

The depicted scenario introduces several groundbreaking possibilities for web3 marketing:

  • Efficient Venue Creation

Traditionally, setting up fully functional hackathon venues would take at least four weeks. However, AI-assisted generative scenarios now allow brands to effortlessly construct virtual spaces, automate venue generation, and even empower AI to autonomously design spaces based on pre-set branding and event criteria, leading to substantial savings in terms of both time and manpower.

  • Engaging Social Interaction

With the support of AI employees, brands can establish deeper and more captivating long-term interactions with their target users, forming a vibrant community ecosystem aligned with the brand’s identity. Take Steven as an example. Within Secondlive’s metaverse, Intelligent AI Agents like him no longer follow rigid scripts with basic Q&A interactions. Instead, they possess knowledge linking capabilities in various domains, context understanding, and memory capabilities, enabling them to independently engage in dynamic actions, interact with scenes and other characters, and continuously forge new social connections. All these social capabilities can be paired with Secondlive’s user-generated asset creation engine, combining low-cost multi-chain NFT creation and trading with users’ wide-ranging social networks.

Through the utilization of AR features, we seamlessly integrate virtual spaces into the everyday lives of real users, resulting in a captivating blend of virtual AI and tangible experiences. This introduces users to a novel realm of experiences and opens up exciting possibilities for innovative forms of social interaction.

  • Continuous Brand Penetration 

Enterprising AI employees like Steven can also take the lead in attracting more users to brand activities. Leveraging Intelligent AI Agents, each brand can perpetually produce captivating content and dynamically edit virtual worlds. As a result, they achieve a real-time updated and ever-expanding digital realm. This transcends one-off event-based relationships, as Intelligent AI Agents serve as intermediaries to facilitate continuous interactions between brands and users, thereby unleashing and infusing brand value in perpetuity.

In the future, AI avatars might even take the place of Web 3 project founders, engaging in AMAs with the community right within the SecondLive brand pavilion. Pretty cool, right?

  • Clear Behavior System with Data

SecondLive possesses an open achievement system, label system, and badge system, empowering users to accumulate personal value within SecondLive. Meanwhile, brands have full digital ownership of their spaces and intelligent agents, and the label system precisely presents user segments, supporting ongoing interactions between brands and their target users. Within our above scenario, this is represented in Bob’s achievements being unequivocally recorded on the blockchain and Steven’s diligent efforts yielding tangible rewards. 

With its enhanced Intelligent AI Agents, AI Spaces capabilities, venue AMA features, virtual dance V-Dance capabilities, label system, and more – all geared towards delivering engaging and precise marketing – SecondLive is transforming the brand marketing landscape in the blockchain world, ushering in more inventive, incentivizing, and immediately impactful marketing initiatives. The automated assistance offered by SecondLive’s Intelligent AI Agents and the on-chain asset generation and trading capabilities unlock new avenues for creating economic value. Through technological advancements and paradigm shifts, SecondLive is empowering blockchain brands and individuals to capture more economic value based on its infrastructure capabilities.

All these innovations are directed towards a straightforward and succinct objective: to establish SecondLive as the ultimate one-stop marketing portal for Web3, catering to brands’ requirements for cost-effective and efficient marketing. Functional brand pavilions and personalized AI intelligent agents will become essential elements of contemporary brand marketing, and SecondLive has everything in one place to meet these demands.

Wealth, Freedom and Self-fulfillment

After two years of development, the introduction of AIGC has ushered in a new era for SecondLive. Technological innovation knows no bounds, but behind it lies a deep understanding and concern for people. For SecondLive, it is an ongoing exploration of how the evolution of technological tools can bring more wealth, freedom, and self-fulfillment to every individual.

No matter the application scenario, “universal tools” have continuously occupied a crucial role in SecondLive’s R&D strategy. The AI-enabled offerings we are rolling out complement the creator tools that are already being used on Secondlive, which include the wearable NFT editor Gobetti, the space editor SecondLive Maker, and the virtual dance show editor Lasagna. Collectively, Secondlive users have already created over 300,000 NFT artworks.

Throughout this development process, SecondLive has remained focused on the value these tools bring to people. The team’s primary focus is how users can generate meaningful value through these tools, experience true mental liberation, and express their unique self-worth in the metaverse.

With the help of next-generation intelligent tools, Secondlive users will be free to co-create mixed realities, combine different sensory experiences, and bring new lifeforms into existence. Each artwork embodies the emotions and stories of its creators, triggering new events and creating a perpetual cycle of self-fulfillment. This way the energy created, and acquired, through the metaverse remains vibrant even beyond its boundaries.

In today’s noisy web3 environment, SecondLive is steadfastly committed to creating true value for users. In the Cyber-Industrial Age, every step forward is resolute, solid, and unstoppable – propelling Secondlive users toward new forms of creativity and connection.


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