NPR, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has sent an unsolicited email to one of its reporters asking if the organization is returning to the platform, and suggesting that the company could reassign its inactive account to another company if it doesn’t. This comes after NPR left Twitter in April when it was labeled as “state-affiliated media.

The label was later changed to “government-funded media,” but NPR still considered it inaccurate and left the website. Musk’s email led to an exchange with an NPR executive, during which he questioned the organization’s reasons for not returning to Twitter and suggested that the account could be recycled if it remains inactive. While Twitter’s policy allows users to keep their account active by logging in once every 30 days, inactive usernames cannot be released at this time. It’s unclear whether Twitter will update its policy or implement safeguards to prevent impersonation of former users.