Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, 10th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Daniel Newman of Elizabethtown, Derry Township, Pennsylvania is a well-regarded educator who has been teaching Spanish for ten years. Recently, Mr. Newman had the opportunity to offer advice on how to learn Spanish. He highlighted five specific keys to a successful learning journey, including immersion in the Spanish language, consistent practice, using language learning resources, setting realistic goals, and staying motivated.

According to Daniel Newman, one of the most important parts of learning Spanish is to immerse yourself in the language and culture to the greatest extent possible:

“Immerse yourself in the Spanish language as much as possible, whether it be through watching Spanish movies, listening to Spanish music, or speaking with native Spanish speakers. Immersion is an effective way to learn Spanish because it exposes you to the language in its natural environment. Listening to Spanish music can help you to become familiar with the different intonations and pronunciation of certain words or phrases, while watching Spanish films allows you to see how native speakers interact linguistically and culturally. To take it a step further, interacting with native Spanish speakers can give you insight into the more informal language used in everyday conversations, as well as providing tips on how best to express yourself when speaking. Additionally, having conversation partners can help motivate and encourage learning, as well as helping develop confidence in using the language correctly. It’s also important to remember that immersion is not only about understanding and speaking Spanish – it’s also about learning about the culture of countries where it is spoken. Reading books, listening to podcasts or attending cultural events are all ways of being exposed to new aspects of Spanish culture that could not be learned through traditional methods alone. Finally, by immersing yourself in the language and culture of a place where people speak Spanish, you will be able to better understand their customs and values, which will ultimately help make your experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Ongoing exposure to the language also requires that one practices consistently. As Mr. Newman continued:

Regularly practice speaking, reading, writing, and listening in Spanish. Practicing Spanish on a regular basis is essential to mastering the language. One of the best ways to do this is to break it down into four areas: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Practicing each area individually can help with gaining proficiency in Spanish faster. Speaking Spanish can be daunting for beginners; however, it is an excellent way to practice pronunciation and gain confidence when speaking out loud. Listening to native speakers can be incredibly beneficial for learning as well. Reading Spanish is also beneficial because it allows one to become familiar with grammar and sentence structure in context. Reading out loud can also help with pronunciation and understanding how words are used together. Writing helps improve a student’s ability to communicate effectively via email or text message in Spanish. Taking notes while learning new words and phrases is also helpful for improving writing skills. When practicing a language such as Spanish, repetition is key! The more one practices speaking, reading, writing, and listening in Spanish the better they will become at using it correctly and fluently over time!

Daniel Newman next highlighted the benefits that come from using language learning resources:

“Take advantage of online resources, textbooks, and language learning apps to supplement your studies and practice what you learn. Using language learning resources is an effective way to supplement your studies and practice what you learn. It can be a great source of support, especially when you’re struggling to keep up with the pace of your class and need help understanding complex concepts. The internet is filled with countless websites and platforms dedicated to language learning. This can include online courses, tutoring sessions, forums, and blogs, as well as audio and video clips that are tailored to different learning styles. Textbooks can also be invaluable tools for mastering grammar, memorizing key vocabulary words, and practicing writing in the target language. Mobile apps have revolutionized the study of foreign languages by making it possible to learn from just about anywhere. Language-learning apps provide on-the-go access to grammar lessons, pronunciation drills, conversation practice, and other helpful features. Some even allow users to connect with native speakers for immersive practice sessions.”

It is important not to become overwhelmed or discouraged while learning a new language. Mr. Newman explained the importance of setting realistic goals.

Set achievable goals for your Spanish studies, such as learning a certain number of words or being able to have basic conversations in Spanish. Setting realistic goals for your Spanish studies is essential to success. Start by setting reasonable goals that can be achieved with a level of difficulty similar to what you are used to. Break down the goal into achievable steps and set milestones along the way. For example, set a goal of learning 50 vocabulary words in one week, and break it down into 3 or 4 days of 10-15 words each day. It’s also important to have a timeline in mind when setting your goals. This can vary depending on how much time you have available and your current proficiency level. It’s also useful to set specific objectives like being able to hold basic conversations, understanding key grammar points, or reading comprehension.”

The last key that Daniel Newman mentioned to building your Spanish language skills is that of staying motivated.   

“Keep yourself motivated by finding fun and engaging ways to practice and learn Spanish, such as reading Spanish books or watching Spanish TV shows. One way to stay motivated when learning Spanish is to find activities that are enjoyable and stimulating. Reading Spanish books and watching Spanish TV shows can be a great way to learn the language in an entertaining way. In addition, listening to music in Spanish can be both calming and informative. Music can often provide a better sense of cultural context than other media forms, such as movies or TV shows, allowing for more insight into how people speak in everyday life. Similarly, traditional stories, jokes, and even games can all be useful tools when learning Spanish.” 

About Daniel Newman, Spanish Teacher in Elizabethtown

Daniel Newman of Elizabethtown, Derry Township, Pennsylvania is an expert teacher of Spanish, who has been teaching for ten years, starting in an educational leadership role in 2013 as a teacher at New Albany High School in New Albany, Indiana, where he taught levels I, II, Dual Credit/IB level course of Spanish III, and piloted a Heritage Spanish course. While at New Albany High School, he also headed up the New Albany High School Spanish Club. After teaching Spanish at Tigard High School in Tigard, Oregon, where he taught IB Spanish I and II to over thirty students who were able to complete and master the IB Spanish test and receive the IB diploma, Daniel Newman then spent two years as a Spanish teacher at Northern High School in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. While there, he taught levels I, II, III, and IV Spanish, as well as sponsored the Spanish Club. Next, Mr. Newman taught Spanish I and II at Elizabethtown Middle School and High School in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. His most recent post is at GREEN Charter School in Greenville, South Carolina, teaching Social Studies to 7th and 8th graders. In his most recent role, Daniel Newman has taught South Carolina History, Geography, and sponsors the Rho Kappa and Jr. Rho Kappa Honors Society.  

Daniel Newman graduated from Cleveland High School in 2005 with a full International Baccalaureate diploma. After which, he attended Brandeis University from 2005-2009, where he was a double major in History and Latin American studies. He was adventurous and fortunate enough to study abroad in Grenada, Spain in the autumn of 2007, and in Cochabamba, Bolivia in the spring of 2008. He then studied at Millersville University, where he earned a post baccalaureate degree and teacher certification in 2012. To round out his educational background, Mr. Newman achieved the level of Master of Arts in Spanish in 2015 at the University of Louisville.

Daniel Newman has a long history of volunteerism, whether in Elizabethtown, Derry Township, Pennsylvania or the various places he has lived and spent his time helping others throughout his educational career and journey. As recent as 2019, he was a little league t-ball coach in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. Prior to that, Mr. Newman worked with Amigos de las Américas. While working with that organization, Dan Newman spent six years between the Portland, Oregon and Boston, Massachusetts chapters. During his time with Amigos de las Americas, Daniel worked in Dajabón, Dominican Republic and Canazas, Panama as a volunteer teaching health, nutrition, environmental sustainability, and English to school children. He was also part of a sustainable construction project that renovated a school and built a roofed meeting space. Whether through his volunteership or work as a teacher, Daniel Newman has always demonstrated his dedication to the education of his students and people in general. He embodies the idea of an instructor living what they teach.   

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