Lthe defeat was tough. With less than 5% of the presidential vote, Valérie Pécresse did not reach the minimum threshold to obtain reimbursement of her campaign expenses. Personally indebted to the tune of 5 million euros, the ex-candidate of the Republicans would still have collected most of the necessary sum. According to the party’s boss, Christian Jacob, the appeal for donations from supporters would be “almost closed”. “Not quite, but practically,” he added, Thursday, May 26, at the microphone of RTL.

As a reminder, Valérie Pécresse has until May 31, the deadline of the Electoral Commission, to clear her debts. In addition, president of the Île-de-France region, the former minister had to borrow on her behalf, her party was already too indebted to assume an additional loan. In the manner of the Sarkothon of 2012, the Pécressethon would therefore have won its bet with donors, despite the disappointing result of the former candidate. According to his campaign treasurer, the Republicans still gave 1.7 million euros to the prize pool. “About 300,000 euros are missing,” Philippe Mouiller said to the Parisian.

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“She is a woman of honor”

Credited with only 4.7% of the votes in the first round, Valérie Pécresse received only 800,000 euros in reimbursement from the State. His appeal for donations was a question of the “survival” of the Republicans, although the ex-minister of Nicolas Sarkozy holds the richest patrimony of the ex-contenders for the Elysee. The former president, who did not call to vote for the LR candidate, also replenished the prize pool with a transfer of 2,000 euros. A donation that the interested party has returned to the sender. “She is a woman of honor,” her entourage had told Agence France-Presse.

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