New York City, NY, 23rd August 2023, ZEX PR WIRE,, one of the leading essay writing services in the USA, has introduced enhanced writing tools. These tools promise to revolutionize the way students approach essay writing. The website has always been the #1 choice for students to hire professional writers. But you can skip everything and polish your essay to perfection within SECONDS! has upgraded 8 tools recently. Enhanced AI technology has been used to cater to students’ needs. Here’s a list of the tools that have undergone transformation.

The website has upgraded 8 tools recently. Enhanced AI technology has been used to cater to students’ needs. Here’s a list of the tools that have undergone transformation:

Top developers in the USA have carefully crafted these valuable resources while keeping modern writing standards in mind. These are FAST, EFFICIENT & RELIABLE. Each of these tools has undergone a MAJOR UPGRADE. Check the details for each to see what you’re missing out on. Writing Tool Upgrades for Outstanding Essays

Essay writing is now 100 times easier thanks to’s upgraded writing tools. The advantages are plenty. The primary idea behind modernizing these resources was to make academic writing as simple as possible for students. It’s safe to say that goal has been achieved. Here’s a brief exploration of what you can expect from these tools.

1. Essay Typer

Old version: Brief sections generated, poor cohesion

Upgraded version: Large chunks of text generated, high-quality essays on every topic, smooth and flawless writing

The essay typer comes in handy when deadlines are knocking on your door, and you need an essay ASAP. There’s no time to hire a professional writer. You need something within MINUTES. Well,’s essay typer has always been a great tool to cater to students’ needs. But the upgraded version is EVEN BETTER.

  • Produces cohesive text on any topic
  • Generates writing after thorough research
  • Maintains proper fluency
  • Bypasses AI content detectors
  • Incorporates different writing styles

You can tweak the settings of the tool to create high school-level, college-level, and university-level essays. It is FREE to use. No need to register as well. This essay typer is the perfect solution for high-quality essays.

2. Plagiarism Check

Old version: Scanning against online articles, only plagiarized content detection

Upgraded version: Scanning against ALL online publications, content editing suggestions, citation suggestions has introduced the ENHANCED plagiarism check tool that does a lot more than just tell you the plagiarism percentage in your paper.

  • Highlights plagiarized sections
  • Detects the sources of the plagiarized content
  • Suggests changes to improve the plagiarism score
  • Provides references and citation details for plagiarized sections

It takes a few seconds to run your essay on this plagiarism check tool. That’s not an exaggeration.’s tool is one of the FASTEST plagiarism check tools you’ll find online. It is quite sensitive as well.

3. Paraphrase Tool

Old version: Simple sentences, poor cohesion

Upgraded version: Great mixture of all kinds of sentences, cohesive writing, zero errors

Paraphrasing is an art. Unfortunately, not many students are well-versed in this art. That’s why has boosted the old paraphrase tool to create a better version of it. The newer version comes with a LOT of perks –

  • Paraphrases content within seconds
  • Maintains the essential points
  • Creates easily comprehensible sentences
  • Transforms entire paragraphs

The new paraphrase tool makes it easier to avoid plagiarism. The AI software allows it to comprehend the text it’s supposed to paraphrase. As a result, the generated text is very human-like.

4. Citation Generator

Old version: Citations available for limited referencing styles, no option to switch to other versions of the same style

Upgraded version: Compatible with ALL citation types, switch between different versions of the same citation’s citation generator is a work of art. It’s the quickest way to generate every citation you need for your essay. You can add the reference details manually. But the revamped version has an automated system installed as well. The top advantages of this tool are –

  • Access to the latest citation style versions
  • Instantly switch from one style to the other
  • 100% accurate citations

You can access the tool anytime, anywhere.

5. Grammar Checker

Old version: Incorrect grammar detection only

Upgraded version: Incorrect grammar detection added with alternative suggestions, punctuation & spelling checker’s grammar checker is an all-in-one tool that works as –

  • A spell checker
  • A punctuation checker

There’s more to this tool than what meets the eye. The grammar checker has been imbibed with high-end AI technology that understands the context of the topic. It suggests grammatical changes that can improve the overall structure.

6. Resume Generator

Old version: Less variety of templates & personalization options

Upgraded version: More template variety, customized resumes, instant send option to employers

Want a visually attractive resume that’s the perfect balance of professionalism and uniqueness? Then’s resume generator is your best friend. The developers have consulted HR professionals from leading industries before tweaking this tool. Need more reasons to opt for this tool? Perhaps the following will help your decision.

  • Resumes catered to every profession
  • Option to personalize as you wish
  • Direct upload to LinkedIn profile
  • Automatic sharing with employers
  • Compatibility with the Applicant Tracking System

Resume generation is a piece of cake with this new upgraded tool. You can create visually stunning documents within a matter of seconds. Personalize them according to the job description. You can also access expert tips and tricks to make your resume shine.

7. Summary Generator

Old version: Content length restriction, poor coherency

Upgraded version: Clear & accurate summaries, increased content length’s summary generator is capable of summarizing the text of any body of work. This includes, but is not limited to –

  • Prose
  • Drama
  • Poems
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Novels
  • Chapters
  • Research papers
  • Case studies

The list goes on! With this tool by your side, you can save precious time reading through pages and pages of text. The tool identifies crucial information and provides a summary of it. You can customize the formatting details, content length, and more.

8. Essay Checker

Old version: Restricted to spelling & grammar checks, overall content grade

Upgraded version: Checks every aspect of the essay, provides suggestions for upgrades

The essay checker at is accessible for free. Run your paper through it, and you can assess its issues. The tool highlights incorrect formatting and referencing, grammatical issues, and spelling mistakes. It scans the entire essay and compares it to other published content. The tool can also detect plagiarism.

If you want to know more about these tools, visit the website. You can also dial the toll-free number +1-515-393-6211 or send us an email at [email protected].

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