Gloucestershire Resident Achieves Remarkable Travel Record, Visiting the Seven Modern Wonders in Six Days, and Raises Funds for Charity

Renowned as “Adventureman,” Jamie McDonald from Gloucestershire has once again pushed the boundaries of exploration, setting a new travel record by visiting the Seven Modern Wonders of the World in just six days. Throughout his journey, Jamie raised money for his charity, the Superhero Foundation.

Completing the incredible feat involved a dynamic mix of transportation: 13 flights, 16 taxis, nine buses, four trains, and even a toboggan ride. Jamie described this particular challenge as his “most complex and complicated trip yet,” emphasizing the numerous variables and obstacles he encountered.

Having earned the moniker “Adventureman” from previous remarkable expeditions, including solo runs across America and a 13,670-mile (22,000km) bike ride from Thailand to the UK, Jamie has once again secured a world record. This time, he covered an astounding distance of 22,856 miles (36,783km) across nine countries in just six days.

Reflecting on the journey, Jamie emphasized the importance of speed and adaptability when attempting a world record, acknowledging the multitude of factors such as weather, restrictions, delays, customs, and traffic that can influence travel plans.

Jamie’s personal experience with a rare spinal condition called syringomyelia during his childhood inspired him to establish the Superhero Foundation. Doctors initially warned him of potential mobility issues, but with the support of medical professionals, hospitals, and his family, his health improved. Motivated to give back to children facing similar circumstances, the funds raised through this extraordinary challenge will be used to provide crucial treatments, therapies, and equipment that may not be readily available through conventional healthcare systems.

Jamie expressed gratitude to Travelport, a travel company that made his journey possible. The entire expedition was completed using public transportation, testing Travelport’s modern retail platform, Travelport+. Greg Webb, CEO of Travelport, hailed the adventure as the ultimate trial for their platform and emphasized the trip’s significance in highlighting the revival of travel after a challenging period for the industry.