Friday, December 8, 2023
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Presidential: Valérie Pécresse has “almost” settled her debt

Lthe defeat was tough. With less than 5% of the presidential vote, Valérie Pécresse did not reach the minimum threshold to obtain reimbursement of her campaign...

#MeTooGay: the investigation into the suicide of Guillaume T. closed without action

The'investigation into the possible responsibility of a Parisian elected official for the suicide in 2021 of Guillaume T. was closed on May 3. This student accused...

Video: the obstacle course of Jean-Michel Blanquer

« It'is the Gentleman for politics! "A hoarse voice disturbs the tranquility of the commune of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the Loiret. Absorbed by her gardening work, Danielle cannot hide...

Economy: Shall we stop the banter?

Reserved for subscribers Reducing unemployment without growth is the challenge facing the new government of Elisabeth Borne. Explanations. To work! Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne at the end of the first council of ministers of the...

Brice Couturier – Why you need to re-read Fukuyama

Reserved for subscribers CHRONIC. The author of "The End of the Story" is caricatured and misread. His vision of liberalism, refined in new writings, deserves our full attention. The American essayist Francis Fukuyama, in 2004. ...

may 27, 1997: Chirac sacrifices Juppe in an attempt to save the right

Reserved for subscribers ONE DAY IN POLITICS. Badly in shape after the first round, the president nevertheless wants to believe in his stroke of genius and win the parliamentary elections. Jacques Chirac at the Élysée Palace...

Nîmes: Nicolas Cadène in the legislative arena

" Vare you the environmentalist candidate? I'm from Nîmes, for bullfighting, and the anti-bullfighting activists who protest outside the Arenas, I can't stand it! I will...