Korea South, 27th Feb 2023 –  Tattooist ‘Sodam’ sublimates the scar into a work of art and being proud of his job. In fact, Sodam is offering free tattoo procedures for those who have attempted to harm themselves for extreme choices. He feels rewarded when he sympathizes their pain and heal their mental pain which helps them to confidently leap forward as members of society.

“A young female customer visited me to inquire about a tattoo procedure, and her dark expression, which was in stark contrast to the sunny weather, caught my eye,” Sodam recalled. “I noticed a long scar on her left arm, which was an obvious sign of self-harm.” Sodam then said, “I didn’t ask her the reason behind her actions, but I had a strong desire to help heal her through transforming the deep and large scar into a beautiful flower-patterned tattoo.” He added, “Seeing the customer’s happiness after the procedure only strengthened my resolve to continue this work.”

In recent years, self-harm has become an increasingly prevalent issue, with an increasing number of individuals resorting to harmful actions as a means of coping with various challenges. A multitude of environmental factors, such as family problems such as abuse, neglect, and discord, can lead to trauma and contribute to self-harm. Depression, anxiety, and hypersensitivity reactions are also chronic risk factors that contribute to this issue. Furthermore, excessive pressure from schoolwork, problems such as bullying, and difficulty finding employment or romantic partners can also push individuals to the brink.

Sodam emphasized the damaging effects of self-harm scars, which can perpetuate a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and impulses. The permanent reminders of self-harm can trigger impulsive behaviors at any moment in daily life. In response, Sodam became a tattoo artist who aims to heal lonely and painful wounds through his craft. He continues to offer free tattoo services to individuals with scars caused by self-harm, in an effort to alleviate their pain and help them move forward.

“I am always proud to see positive reviews from those who have received free tattoos being posted on online communities,” Sodam stated. He also noted that there has been a persistent increase in the number of individuals inquiring about the possibility of tattooing over self-inflicted wounds.

For customers who visit Sodam, he transforms their self-harm scars into works of art, helping them to move past their emotional wounds. During the tattooing process, he listens to their stories and does his best to understand their perspectives. He empathizes with their struggles and the reasons behind their self-harm. 

Through this work, Sodam has come to realize that many young people in Korean society are suffering from emotional pain. Despite their cheerful exteriors, he often finds that they are grappling with deep wounds. With his tattoos, he aims to cover these wounds and create a positive narrative for his customers. He consistently encourages them to believe that happy moments are worth waiting for.

Sodam has a desire to continue working as a tattoo artist who heals emotional wounds in the future. He hopes that his work will help to change negative attitudes towards tattoos in Korea. “If I can bring comfort to many hearts, I want to keep doing this work,” he said with a smile.



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